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Factors To Consider When Choosing Golf Apparel

When people talk about golf, they often associate it with clubs, tees, balls, and bags. While all these equipment are essential, they are not the only things that matter in this sport. If you are a serious golfer, you know that your golf apparel can have a huge impact on your game play. What you wear can actually affect how you play.

Here Some Important Factor That You Choose The Right Apparel :

Golf-ApparelFor instance, you should go for waterproof golf apparel. you can choose the different Golf Apparel.

Choose fabrics or garments that are especially treated by laminate or coating to prevent water from seeping through. Check the backside of the fabric to see if it is laminated or coated. If you want the best waterproof garments, you should look for seam-sealed. These garments are highly recommended if you play golf for long hours.

Seam-sealed garments are sealed using a special tape to make them completely waterproof. They may also be rolled for a certain amount of time. Such rolling process can take a lot of time and require much attention to detail. Seam-sealed garments can be quite expensive because they are usually seam-taped by hand. You can opt for full seam-sealed garments if you want every stitching to be covered by tape.

Then again, if you are on a budget, you can choose critical seam-sealed golf apparel. They are generally less expensive. Critical seam-sealed garments only have certain areas, such as front seams and shoulders, sealed. Areas that are not susceptible to water are not taped. This makes them an excellent alternative to full seam-sealed garments. They can still protect you against the elements without being too heavy on your pocket.

You can also opt for water-resistant garments –

They are not as sturdy as waterproof garments and they can only keep water out for a limited period of time. So if you get caught in a rainstorm, you will be wet after just a few minutes. Also, these garments are usually just treated on the top layer. After several washing, their top coating will start to wear off and they will just be regular golf apparel that cannot protect you against water.

Water-resistant garments are typically sprayed or coated with DWR coatings. Such coatings are applied to the top part of the fabric to shed water. Over time, they can break down, but you may still rejuvenate them using wash-in DWR. It is not possible to apply a waterproof coating on the top part of a fabric because of its rubber-like texture.

Golf ApparelAlso make sure that your get wind-proof apparel to keep the wind out. You can find out whether a garment is wind-proof or not by blowing through its fabric. If you are able to blow through it, it is not wind-proof. If you wear something that is not wind-proof, you can easily get cold, especially during the winter season. Keep in mind that an insulated jacket can still lose its warmth if the wind blows it away.

Of course, you need to choose breathable clothing to keep you comfortable and dry all day. Non-breathable clothes are very uncomfortable and do not hold up well against moisture. Most waterproof garments are not breathable, which is why you need to stay away from them. Waterproof and breathable golf garments are available but can be quite expensive. Do not hesitate to pay a high price for them because they are good investments.

Furthermore, you should consider insulation.You should go for well-insulated golf apparel that are also breathable and waterproof. Nonetheless, you can wear a shell or a non-insulated garment during the summer, spring, or fall.

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